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Maryland, Virginia, W. Virginia, & Pennsylvania
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Service Areas:
Montgomery, Howard, Frederick, & Surrounding Counties in MD

Water Treatment in Montgomery, Howard, Frederick, & Surrounding Counties in MD, VA, WV, PA

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For a safer drink of water, turn to the water treatment experts at Solutions In Aqua Services, based in Maryland.

Clean water is essential to life, and the signs of contamination are not always obvious. Let our certified water specialists provide you with water testing and treatment options for water purity that lasts.

Targeting the Source
From day care facilities, community wells, private wells, to city water we can help you with detailed diagnostics on your filtration system and provide detailed answers to your questions. We can also provide diagnostics on your well pump and related issues. Whether you need a new filtration system or simply an adjustment to your existing equipment, our professionals are readily available to assist you. We provide 24/7 emergency service in the event of water leaks, no water and low pressure issues.

About Us
In 1984, your options for water treatment were limited to salespeople who were paid high commissions, despite their lack of any technical knowledge or clear understanding of water. We established our company as a straightforward, technical, and chemistry-oriented resource for water treatment. We emphasize information and education, and provide a 100% guarantee that your problem and subsequent remediation will be successful. 

Since then we have established our own manufacturing division, with patented products not sold anywhere else, and we enjoy solid relationships with suppliers. Recognized by Invent Bay for our innovative, patented products, we also created an elementary school program for the Department of Energy.
Service Area: Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and  Pennsylvania

Associations: Water Quality Association • Maryland Department of the Environment • Florida Water Quality Association • Eastern Water Quality Association • Green to Gold • Invent Bay

Credentials: State Certified
Master Water Conditioning Installers • State Certified Water Collectors  • Nationally Certified Water Specialists • Invent Bay International Award Winners

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